“The Future Makers program has been a really positive experience for both teachers and students, with students’ results vastly improving at the end of 2015 when compared to past results. At the end of Semester 1, 46% of year 9 science students rated a ‘High Achievement’ or better; by the end of Semester 2 that figure was 64%.”  – Head of Maths and Science, Chinchilla State High School.

‘Our data has shown that there has been a higher level of engagement and participation from students since we started in the Future Makers project. In 2014, about 75 per cent of our students were at a pass or better level in science, in 2015 that increased to about 88 per cent and in 2016 it was 94.6 per cent.”  – Andrew Dixon, Head of Curriculum, Chinchilla State School

“Our kids are excited and engaged; our teachers are coming and seeking out professional development opportunities and those teachers who have worked directly with Future Makers then pass on their knowledge and expertise to the rest of the teaching team.” – Sarah Jacob, Head of Curriculum, Gladstone Central State School.