Connecting industry with classrooms

Future Makers helps Queensland schools bring STEM subjects to life by connecting them to the knowledge, experience and passion of real-life industry professionals from QGC and Queensland Museum Network.

Future Makers has been running a STEM program in Gladstone Central State School – equipping teachers with the skills and confidence to improve their teaching pedagogy through professional development; connecting industry professionals and Queensland Museum Network resources to the classroom and inspiring students in the wonder of STEM.

Future Makers Ambassadors

Future Makers thanks the time and effort that the following people have invested in meeting and talking with students or helping us create video resources for classroom use:


Dr Marissa McNamara, Parasitologist, Queensland Museum Network

Dr Zana Williams, Geologist, QGC

Dr Scott Hocknull, Palaeontologist, Queensland Museum Network

Dr Andrew Rozefelds, Queensland Museum Network

Owen Girardi, Geologist, QGC

Adam Sommerfeld, Chemical Engineer, QGC

Richard Nagle, Chemical Engineer, QGC

Ellen King, Process Engineer, QGC

Sarah Gallegos, Electricial Engineer , QGC

Dr Jessica Worthington-Wilmer, Molecular Identities Lab Manager, Queensland Museum Network

Dr Christine Lambkin, Entomologist, Queensland Museum Network

Owen Seeman, Collection Manager, Arachnids, Queensland Museum Network

Future Makers resources

Future Makers have created a number of resources for teachers and students to use within the classroom. These resources are related directly to the Australian curriculum and can be viewed on the Future Makers Teacher Resources page, through the Queensland Museum YouTube channel or downloaded from the Future Makers Dropbox.

Future Makers also works hard to ensure Queensland Museum Network exhibitions offer additional learning experiences for the classroom. Hadron Collider: Step inside the world’s greatest experiement is currently on display at the Queensland Museum and Future Makers have developed a set of student and teacher resources that can be downloaded here.

Queensland Museum resources

Resources and artefacts from the Queensland Museum’s collections are also made accessible to schools either physically or in virtual form.

Teacher Professional Development

Initiatives such as the teacher professional development program, Creative Lab, is helping teachers guide students into an innovative future by strengthening pedagogy, and providing resources, exhibitions and access to experts working in STEM-related careers.

For details of upcoming events visit the Queensland Museum website.