Queensland Museum Network Learning Resources is a brand new website that integrates the Museum’s high quality STEM learning resources with unprecedented access to collections, loan kits, events and exhibitions and a range of museum images. The free portal allows users to find resources across the whole Queensland Museum Network.

The learning resources available on the website are inquiry-based and aligned to the Australian Curriculum. They highlight research, objects and STEM careers from real world professionals. Find resources to support your students’ learning during a visit to one of our Museums, or hands-on practical activities designed to be used in the classroom.

Queensland Museum Network Learning Resources makes searching for resources intuitive and easy. You can search by year level, school subject and type of resource. You can also create and share your own collections with others. For example, you could make a collection titled “Year 9 Earth Science”, filled with your favourite relevant classroom resources, loans kits, videos, images and collection items. This collection can then be shared with your students or others who are teaching the same unit.

You can access all Future Makers learning resources and videos by visiting the Queensland Museum Network Learning Resources website