Queensland Museum Network

For more than 150 years the Queensland Museum Network has grown alongside Queensland to inspire, enrich and empower communities. The Museum is custodian of the state’s natural and cultural heritage, caring for millions of items and specimens in collections that tell the changing story of Queensland. Services are delivered across the state through a network of public museums, including the Sciencentre in Brisbane.

Queensland Museum Network is always seeking new ways to engage with communities and classrooms across Queensland to ensure the state’s unique stories and discoveries are accessible to all.


QGC, owned by Shell Australia, is the world’s first producer of LNG from natural gas sourced from coal seams. QGC are one of Australia’s leading natural gas explorers and producers, focused on developing Queensland’s world-class gas reserves for supply to the domestic market and international customers.

QGC work collaboratively with local communities, landholders, government, business and other important stakeholders to ensure operations provide broad community benefits, create jobs and business opportunities as we explore and develop gas reserves.

QGC aims to develop a legacy in Queensland which inspires future innovation and industrial development and builds pathways to employment.